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The pieces below are a small sample of some of the work I've been privileged to contribute to during my career. I'd be happy to share more about these or any other projects I've done and how we might work together.

Presentation Sample: change communications

This piece and the two that follow were part of an award-winning communications strategy that helped launch the American Cancer Society CEO's case for change across the global enterprise. I worked with C-Suite leaders to create the messaging, write these pieces, and then with designers to put these together for different events and cascade messaging appropriately through these and other channels. 

I also staffed on-site events and worked with leaders to ensure messages were delivered effectively through presentations and panel discussions. 

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Presentation sample: change/event communications

GHOSTWRITING SAMPLE: Emory health magazine

strategy/writing/editing sample: acs Annual report

For more than five years I worked on the annual report each year at the American Cancer Society, helping to create a nationwide theme for the report, write and edit the piece, and lead the overall creation of the report. My team held final accountability for its editing and writing.

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ghostwriting/medical/scientific sample: SOPHE journal

This is a piece I wrote for a medical/scientific journal for the CEO I wrote for and is a great example of my years as a ghostwriter.

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speechwriting sample

This is an example of a speech I wrote yearly for most of my 10+ year career at ACS. The CEO delivered it annually to the Society's more than 6,000 staff and leadership volunteers nationwide as an update on the state of the organization.

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award-winning journalism sample

This is an award-winning collection of pieces I wrote as an education reporter in a small town in South Carolina about the achievement gap in schools.

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